HEALTHiD is a proprietary score based on a weighted blend of Likelihood to Recommend, Loyalty and Satisfaction.  HEALTHiD is a better predictor of future performance than NPS and more insightful than any other “experience” metric available.

This simple score based on a scale of 0-100 can be used to evaluate the health of an employee, customer, store location, customer segment or entire company.  And with industry benchmarking available, you can quickly determine your success relative to the competition.  

HEALTHiD is included with all our products and custom projects to ensure you have the most honest and accurate assessment of your company’s overall health.  


Measures CX (Customer Experience) enabling you to better understand the strength of your customer experience initiatives. Track health by customer segment, location or overall company. You can easily identify underperforming locations and understand what changes are needed to improve the customer experience and drive growth.



The best measure of EX (Employee Experience) enabling you to understand which employees, locations and departments are happy – and which are at risk of turnover. Leveraging the power of our HEALTHiQ Engine, you can quickly learn the reasons for low scores and what actions to take to turn unhappy employees into your best advocates.


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