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Survey questions have been certified by professional market researchers. Surveys take less than 5 minutes and capture everything you need to know. We also offer a “lite” version that includes the 3 most important questions.

interactive dashboard


AI and machine learning intelligently interpret sentiment (positive, negative and really upset) of open-ended responses while tracking the metrics that have the biggest impact on happiness.

interactive dashboard


With color-coded scoring, it is easy to understand how you are doing – and where you need to improve. Custom filters enable you to view a performance for any customer segment – and see the trend over time.

Our mission is improving the happiness and engagement of employees and customers.  While our custom research enables us to react quickly to your priorities, our subscription-based platform provides the most impactful customer and employee insights continuously throughout the year.

Interactive Dashboard

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Track customer “health”. A 20% increase in HEALTHiD score correlates to a 58% revenue increase


Learn why customer shop and how often


Track share of wallet across customer segments


AI powered text analytics to uncover the “why”


Measure effectiveness of shopping experience investments.

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