Custom Challenges

Every business has unique challenges. And to understand what's driving your success - or holding you back - it's important to listen to what customers think, experience and say. But, are you sure that you're asking the right questions to get the information you need?


Custom Goals

AViD's custom research process begins by defining your goals. Then, we ask the right questions of the right consumers to get you the answers you need. The result is actionable insight that improves your unique business and drives profitability.


Our Custom Research Options Include:

Retailer Insights

Dive deeper into your specific retail challenges and uncover key insights that improve shopping, merchandising, customer service and product assortment. We can even help predict product performance and find new merchandising opportunities.

Category Insights

Gain actionable insights into specific product categories. Evaluate and rank the top retailers and suppliers in an industry segment. Assess trends and identify new product opportunities.

Consumer Insights

Uncover the hidden strengths and weaknesses of a consumer brand. Our actionable insights allow you to identify growth opportunities, assess brand trends and evaluate the value of your brand or the competition.

Do you have unique challenges?