HEALTHiD by Avid Insight

How Healthy is Your Business?

Find out how to improve the health of your business and gain a larger share of your customer's wallet with AViD's proprietary HEALTHiD. HEALTHiD measures every customer metric that matters to reveal what is working—and what is not. The resulting score is the best indicator of future growth and profitability.

Measure What Matters

HEALTHiD evaluates the health of your business from the customer's perspective. Measure every customer metric that matters including:

  • Customer Advocacy
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Promotion Effectiveness
  • Brand Perception
  • Shopping Experience

Scientifically Backed Methodology

Based on standard market research measurements and retail specific proprietary consumer research, the methodology behind HEALTHiD is scientifically proven to correlate with growth and profitability.

Industry Benchmarking

Our subscription-based model enables you to gauge your overall brand health and see how your company compares to the rest of your industry.

Customer Driven

HEALTHiD captures feedback from your best customers using a range of tools that include mystery shoppers, surveys, online focus groups and social media audits.

Meaningful Insights

Get all the information you need in an easy-to-digest summary complete with recommended actions. Take charge, improve your score and make your business healthier.

Discover your HEALTHiD score to gain actionable insights to make your business healthier.