Better Messaging

With PROMOhealth, your customers provide rapid feedback on what promotions get them to shop. You can evaluate your entire customer base or test a specific customer segment based on over 100 consumer attributes.


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With PROMOhealth, you discover what messages drive consumers to buy. Understand how social, print and TV can impact sales growth - and which channels perform best for your customers.


Drive Margin Growth

Learn what coupon rate maintains the highest margin and sell-thru for customer segments and product categories. Discover impactful new advertising channels that grow sales while reducing marketing spend.


Reduce Markdowns

When promotions work, the result is more consumers shopping on your terms. This means less need for markdowns. With PROMOhealth, you maintain higher margins and implement less markdowns.


Benchmark Your Competition

Compare the effectiveness of your advertising versus your competition. Learn what messaging resonates best to ensure you gain a greater share of the shoppers' wallet.


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